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Environmental Health Update - June 6, 2003

This Update features an article on housing/malaria by Steve Lindsay, an EHP malaria consultant.

Abstracts of Recent Studies 

  • Changes in house design reduce exposure to malaria mosquitoes S. W. Lindsay, et al. Trop Med Int Health June 2003. Contact the EHP Library for  a pdf copy of this article.

  • The association between protein-energy malnutrition, malaria morbidity and all-cause mortality in West African children. Olaf Müller, Michel Garenne. Trop Med Int Health June 2003.

  • Childhood diarrhea and observed hygiene behavior in salvador, Brazil. Strina A, Cairncross S., et al. .Am J Epidemiol. 2003 Jun 1;157(11):1032-8.

  • Talking dirty: how to save a million lives. V.C.
    Int J Environ Health Res. 2003;13:S73-S79.

  • El Nino and Health: A Review. Kovats, R., et al. Lancet May 20, 2003.

  • Laboratory Surveillance of Dengue in Argentina, 1995-2001, G. Avilés. Emerging Infectious Diseases June 2003.

Online Reports

  • EHP/IRC. 2003. Sanitation Policies Thematic Overview Paper..

  • IIED. 2003.  Meeting the MDG Targets on Water and Sanitation. 12th International Confernece on 'Health and Environment,' organized by World Information Transfer at the United Nations, New York.

  • IRC. 2003. The productive use of domestic water supplies: how water supplies can play a wider role in livelihood improvement and poverty reduction

  • IRC. 2003. Together for Water and Sanitation: Tools to Apply a Gender Approach, the Asian Experience.

  • IRC. 2003. Community Managment Today: The Role of Communities in the Management of Improved Water Supply Systems.
  • IRC. 2003. Action-Learning: Building on Experience.
  • UNFPA. 2003. Global Population and Water: Access and Sustainability.