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  • CDC - Emerging Infectious Diseases

  • ICDDRB - Journal of Health, Population and Nutrition

  • NIEHS - Environmental Health Perspectives

  • IRC - SOURCE Water Sanitation

  • WHO Bulletin - Malaria, December

  • WHO Bulletin - Child Mortality, October

  • WHO Bulletin - Environment and Health, September

PubMed Abstracts
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Domestic hygiene and diarrhoea - pinpointing the problem. IN: Trop Med Int Health. 2000 Jan;5(1):22-32. 

Problems associated with the use of pit latrines in Blantyre, Republic of Malawi.
J R Soc Health. 2000 Sep;120(3): 175-82.

3 - Cheung YB. - The impact of water supplies and sanitation on growth in Chinese children. J R Soc Health. 2000 Jun;119(2):89-91.

4 - Hadi A.
- A participatory approach to sanitation: experience of Bangladeshi NGOs. Health Policy Plan. 2000 Sep;15(3):332-337.

5 - Emerson PM, Cairncross S, Bailey RL, Mabey DC. - Review of the evidence base for the 'F' and 'E' components of the SAFE strategy for trachoma control. Trop Med Int Health. 2000 Aug;5(8):515-27. Review.

Risk factors for acute diarrhoea among inhabitants of Kampala District, Uganda.  S Afr Med J. 2000 Sep;90(9):891-8.

Economic burden of malaria illness on households versus that of all other illness episodes: a study in five malaria holo-endemic Nigerian communities.
Health Policy. 2000 Nov 17;54(2):143-159.

8 - Lindblade KA, Walker ED, Wilson ML. - Early warning of malaria epidemics in African highlands using Anopheles (Diptera: Culicidae) indoor resting density. J Med Entomol. 2000 Sep;37(5):664-74.

9 - Govere J, Durrheim D, la Grange K, Mabuza A, Booman M.

Community knowledge and perceptions about malaria and practices influencing malaria control in Mpumalanga Province, South Africa. S Afr Med J. 2000 Jun;90(6):611-6.

10 - Kitron U.
- Risk maps: transmission and burden of vector-borne diseases.
Parasitol Today. 2000 Aug;16(8): 324-5. 

A spatial statistical approach to malaria mapping. Int J Epidemiol. 2000 Apr;29(2):355-61.

Household risk factors for malaria among children in the Ethiopian highlands.
Trans R Soc Trop Med Hyg. 2000 Jan-Feb;94(1):17-21.

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Information Sources 2000

DFID/WELL - Guidance Manual on Water Supply and Sanitation Programmes

IIED - Drawers of Water II

IRC - Integration of Water Resource Management in Water and Sanitation Projects

PAHO - Dengue Education Campaign: Suriname

PAHO - Health Situation in the Americas: Basic Indicators 1995-1998

SEI - Environmental Change and Human Health in Countries of Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific

USAID - Evaluation of Malaria Interventions in Africa: A Review and Assessment of Recent Research

USAID - NGO Networks for Health: Technical Approach to Behavior Change

USAID - Urban Wastewater Reuse for Crop Production in Mexico

WELL - A Review of Policy and Standards for Wastewater Reuse in Agriculture: A Latin American Perspective

WELL -  Guidelines for Wastewater Reuse in Agriculture and Aquaculture: Recommended Revisions Based on New Research Evidence 

WHO/UNICEF - Global Water Supply and Sanitation Assessment 2000

WHO - Climate Change and Human Health: Impact and Adaptation

WHO - Global Surveillance of Epidemic Prone Infectious Diseases

WHO - Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality

WHO - Human Health and Dams.

WHO - Policy Analysis Management of Health Care Wastes

World Bank - Independent Water and Sanitation Providers in Africa: Full Reporr of a Ten-Country Study

World Bank - Methodology for Participatory Assessment with Communities, Institutions and Policy Makers

WRI - World Resources 2000-2001: People and Ecosystems

WSSCC - Vision 21: Water for People


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