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Update 19


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EHP Library Environmental Health Update No. 19-August 29, 2001 

Current Journals

American Journal of Infection Control 29(4) August 2001

  • Personal hygiene and life expectancy improvements since 1850: Historic and epidemiologic associations

  • Preventing infectious disease in the domestic setting: A risk-based approach

  • The correlation between sustainable development and home hygiene

  • Transmission of gastrointestinal diseases: Hygiene as the final barrier

  • The role of handwashing in improving hygiene and health in low-income countries

Bulletin of WHO 79(9) September 2001

  • Globalization: changing the public health landscape
  • The etiology of maternal mortality in developing countries: what do verbal autopsies tell us?
  • Is globalization good for your health?
  • Globalization and health: results and options
  • And others

Journal of Vector Ecology - June 2001

  • Partners: serendipity in arbovirus research.  
  • Aedes aegypti: size, reserves, survival, and flight potential. 
  • Integrated pest management and allocation of control efforts for vector-borne diseases. 
  • Field evaluation of an insect growth regulator, pyriproxyfen, against Aedes togoi larvae in brackish water in South Korea. 
  • Composition and biting activity of Anopheles (Diptera: Culicidae) attracted to human bait in a malaria endemic village in peninsular Malaysia near the Thailand border. 
  • Repellency of volatile oils from plants against three mosquito vectors.

Lancet Infectious Diseases Journal - August 2001

  • Molecular genetics helps to probe the history of malaria
  • Infectious diseases surveillance update
  • Rotavirus outbreak
  • Internet aids infectious disease efforts in Africa
  • Yellow fever: an update

Recent Studies/Reports

USAID Sponsored Reports


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