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USAID - Measuring institutional capacity

USAID - Midterm evaluation of the Latin American/Caribbean regional health sector reform.   Volume I     Volume II

WEDC - Waste pickers in Dhaka: using the sustainable livelihoods approach

WHO - Health: a key to prosperity

WHO/TDR - Scientific working group on dengue: meeting report

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Malaria/Dengue     Handwashing/hygiene    

Mockenhaupt FP, Rong B, Gunther M, Beck S, Till H, Kohne E, Thompson WN, Bienzle U.

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Cost-comparison of DDT and alternative insecticides for malaria control.
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Impact assessment of IEC campaign during anti-malaria month, June 1998 through KABP study.
J Commun Dis. 2000 Mar;32(1):49-53.

Mendez F, Carrasquilla G, Munoz A.

Risk factors associated with malaria infection in an urban setting.
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Effects of environmental change on emerging parasitic diseases.
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Diarrhoea and malnutrition interaction.
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Hand Hygiene Revisited: Lessons from the Past and Present.
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Transmission of rotavirus and other enteric pathogens in the home.
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Association of diarrhoea and upper respiratory infections|| with weight and height gains in Bangladeshi children aged 5 to 11|| years.
Bull World Health Organ. 2000;78(11):1316-23.  

Journal Articles

Use of Geographic Information System Technology to Aid Health Department Decision Making about Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Activities. Environ Health Perspect 109:89-94 (2001). [Online 21 December 2000]

Infant Exposure to Chemicals in Breast Milk in the United States: What We Need To Learn From a Breast Milk Monitoring Program. Environ Health Perspect 109:75-88 (2001). [Online 20 December 2000]

Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Airborne Bacillus thuringiensis var. kurstaki during an Aerial Spray Program for Gypsy Moth Eradication. Environ Health Perspect 109:47-54 (2001). [Online 12 December 2000]

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