Update 22 from the EHP Library: Nov 28 Dec 6, 2001
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  • Chinese Herb Lauded in Malaria Treatment International Herald Tribune Dec 4 2001



  • Remedies: Keeping Malaria at Bay, With Garlic New York Times   Nov 26 2001


  • Study: Zinc boosts infants survival rates USA Today   Dec 04 2001


  • Rift Valley Fever Outbreak, Mauritania, 1998: Seroepidemiologic, Virologic, Entomologic, and Zoologic Investigations, 2001. EID Dispatch


  • Aedes (Stegomyia) albopictus (Skuse), a New Potential Dengue Vector Widespread in South Cameroon, 2001. EID Dispatch


  • Three Cases of Bacteraemia caused by Vibrio cholerae O1 in Blantyre, Malawi, 2001. EID Dispatch


New Reports
         The Story of a Successful Public Private Partnership in Central America: Handwashing for Diarrheal Disease Prevention, 2001. PDF: 3.5MB
World Bank Water Sanitation Program

         Durban Metro Water: Private Sector Partnerships to Serve the Poor, 2001
PDF: 349KB

         Identifying Demand Drivers for Sanitation Technologies, 2001. PDF: 190KB

         Achieving sustained sanitation for the poor: Policy and strategy lessons, 2001.
PDF: 1693KB


         Lower Costs with higher benefits. Water and Sewerage Services for low income households. Lessons from EAPP, 2001.
PDF: 532KB

WELL Project

         Environmental health promotion capacity building: A training guide based on CARE's Hygiene Promotion Manual, 2001

         How safe is safe: a concise review of the health impacts of water supply, sanitation and hygiene, 2001.

         Sharing it out: Introducing water demand management - strategies for small towns, 2001.

         Whats cooking? Indoor air pollution, 2001.

USAID Sponsored Reports

         2001 PVO executive contact list : US and international PVOs registered with USAID, 2001. Download  896 KB

         Voluntary foreign aid programs : 2001 report of PVO engaged in overseas relief and development registered with the U.S. Agency for International
Download  1,818 KB

         From house to home : training health promoters in rural El Salvador, 2001. Download  386 Kb

         NetMark baseline survey on insecticide treated materials (ITMs) : cross-national summary of findings, 2001.
Download  641 KB

         NetMark baseline survey on insecticide treated materials (ITMs) in Zambia, 2001. Download  738 KB

  • NetMark baseline survey on insecticide treated materials (ITMs) in Uganda, 2001.
    Download  802 KB