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World Bank Water Sanitation Program

Afridev Handpumps in Pakistan: Private Demand Emerges for   an Affordable and Reliable Pump PDF: 441KB
Water and Sanitation Program—South Asia, 2001

Arsenic Mitigation in West Bengal and Bangladesh: Helping households respond to a water quality crisis PDF: 376KB
Water and Sanitation Program—South Asia, 2001

The Cancellation of the Pune Water Supply and Sewerage Project: Challenges in Private Sector Participation PDF: 332KB
Water and Sanitation Program—South Asia, 2001

The Growth of Private Sector Participation in Rural Water Supply and Sanitation in Bangladesh PDF: 390KB
Water and Sanitation Program—South Asia, 2001

World BankHow access to urban potable water and sewerage connections affects child mortality,  2000. 

WHOTeacher's guide on basic environmental health, 1999.


ICDDRBJournal of Health Population and NutritionDecember 2000

Treatment of Childhood Diarrhoea in Nigeria: Need for Adaptation of Health Policy and Programmes to Cultural Norms 

Bacteriological Quality of Weaning Food and Drinking Water Given to Children of Market Women in Nigeria: Implications for Control of Diarrhoea

Environmental Health Perspectives—Online First
(send an e-mail to request the complete article)

The Influence of Climate Variation and Change on Diarrheal Disease in the Pacific Islands. Environ Health Perspect 109:155-159 (2001). http://ehpnet1.niehs.nih.gov/docs/2001/109p155-159singh/abstract.html

Workshop Egyptox-2000: For Better Environmental Education by the Birth of the New Millennium. Environ Health Perspect 109:193-196 

The Masculinization of the Fetus During Pregnancy Due to Inhalation of Diesel Exhaust. Environ Health Perspect 109:111-119 (2001). 

PAHO Epidemiological BulletinDecember 2000

Health Situation Analysis in the Americas, 1999-2000 

Dengue in Central America: The Epidemics of 2000

West Nile Virus in the Americas

Interrupting Measles Transmission in the Americas

WHO Bulletin February 2001

Diethylene glycol poisoning in Gurgaon, India, 1998
vol.79, no.2, 88-95. [PDF]

Changing causes of death in the West African town of Banjul, 1942-97
vol.79, no.2, 133-141. [PDF]

Coping with changing conditions: alternative strategies for the delivery of maternal and child health and family planning services in Dhaka, Bangladesh
vol.79, no.2, 142-149. [PDF]

Population health in transition
vol.79, no.2, 159-160. [PDF]

The epidemiologic transition. A theory of the epidemiology of population change
vol.79, no.2, 161-170.

Reference Websites

  • Library of Congress Country Studies

  • CNIE Country/Regional State of the Environment Reports

Environmental Health in the News 

Alzheimer Rates Lower in Africans Than Americans (Reuters)
Older African Americans living in Indianapolis, Indiana, are more likely than those living in the African nation of Nigeria to develop Alzheimer's disease or dementia, researchers report. Their findings hint that environmental or cultural factors play a role in the diseases. Feb 13 6:54 PM ET

Vatican Radio Officials On Trial (Associated Press)
...people living near the complex have complained that the transmissions interfere with their home appliances, telephones and television reception, while environmental groups allege the electromagnetic waves cause cancer.......The Vatican contends the transmissions meet international standards and questions claims by local health officials, who initiated the complaint, that they represent a risk....- Feb 14 10:38 AM ET

Study Ties Higher Birth Defect Risk to Dads (HealthSCOUT News)
... By Edward EdelsonHealthScout Reporter TUESDAY, Feb. 13 (HealthScout) -......chief of epidemiology at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), whose team reports its finding in the Feb. 14 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association....

Study: Diesel Bus Exhaust Imperils Students (Reuters)
...That would qualify as a significant cancer risk by the standards that the Environmental Protection Agency applies under the federal Clean Air Act and the Food Quality Protection Act.......Under California's Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act, it could trigger an obligation to provide warnings to children that they were being exposed to a cancer-causing chemical....- Feb 13 10:21 AM ET

Deadly Virus Could Head To Ohio (Cincinnati - WLWT)
The potentially deadly West Nile virus that killed seven people in 1999 appears to be heading to Ohio.
- Feb 13 5:15 PM ET


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