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 EHP Malaria Reports | Recent Reports | Library Malaria Bulletins - 2004 

EHP Info Center Malaria Bulletins - 2004/2003

EHP II Malaria and Other Vector-borne Disease Reports


80: June 17, 2004 (pdf)

79: May 20, 2004 (pdf)

78: Apr 13, 2004 (pdf)

77: Feb 2-29, 2004 (pdf)

76: Jan 19-Feb 2004 (pdf)

75: Jan 1-18, 2004 (pdf)


74: Dec 15-28 (pdf)

73: Dec 1-14 (pdf)

72: Nov 17-30 (pdf)

71: Nov 1-16 (pdf)

70: Oct 20-31 (pdf)

69: Oct 6-19 (pdf)

68: Sep 22-Oct 5 (pdf)

67: Sep 8-21 (pdf)

66: Aug 25-Sep 7 (pdf)

65: Aug 4-24 (pdf)

64: July 21-Aug 3 (pdf)

63: July 1-20 (pdf)

62: June 16-30 (pdf)

61: June 2-15 (pdf)

Activity Report 137. Combining Hygiene Behavior Change with Water and Sanitation: Monitoring Progress in Hato Mayor, Dominican Republic

Activity Report 136. Intercountry Collaboration for Improving Surveillance and Control of Vector-borne Diseases

Activity Report 131. The Evolution of a Pilot Strategy to Improve the Management of Kala-Azar and Malaria in Nepal A Review of EHP Support to the Ministry of Health

Activity Report 129. Status of Insecticide Resistance of Malaria, Kala-azar and Japanese Encephalitis Vectors in Bangladesh, Bhutan, India and Nepal (BBIN)

Activity Report 126. Assessment of Early Warning and Reporting Systems (EWARS) in NEPAL. 

Activity Report 122. First Year Summary Report Development of a Community-based Environmental Management Program for Malaria Control in Kampala and Jinja, Uganda.

Activity Report 121. Nepal: Analysis of Baseline Survey Data on Japanese Encephalitis, Kala-azar and Malaria.

Activity Report 112. Eritrea Field Studies on Efficacy of Bacterial Larvicides for Use in Malaria Control.

Activity Report 111. Malaria Vector Studies in Eritrea.

Activity Report 108.  A Review of Control Methods for African Malaria Vectors.

Activity Report 102.  USAID/Honduras Health Sector II:  A Review of Malaria, Dengue, and Tuberculosis Programs, and Training of Environmental Health Technicians (October 25 - November 5, 1999)

Activity Report 102.  Sector Salud II de la USAID/Honduras: Una Revisión de los Programas de Malaria, Dengue y Tuberculosis, y Capacatación de Técnicos de Salud Ambiental (25 de octubre-5 de noviembre de 1999)

Strategic Report 7. Best Practices for Dengue Prevention and Control in the Americas.

Strategic Report 7S. Mejores prácticas para la prevención y el control del dengue en las Américas.

EHP Brief 20. Community-based Environmental Management for Urban Malaria Control in Uganda—Year 1.

EHP Brief 19. The Nepal Survey on Malaria, Japanese Encephalitis and Kala-azar

EHP Brief 13. Best Practices for Dengue Control in the Americas.

EHP Brief 10. Nepal Vector-Borne Disease Program Update 

EHP Brief 9. Integrated Vector Management for Malaria Control in Africa

EHP Brief 8. Malaria Control in Eritrea

EHP Brief 3. Nepal Vector-Borne Disease Program


EHP I Malaria Reports

Malaria Prevention: Lessons Learned

Malaria in Urban and Peri-Urban Areas in Sub-Saharan Africa. 

Evaluation of a Training Program for Environmental Health Technicians in Honduras.

Evaluación de un Programa de Capacitación para Técnicos de Salud Ambiental en Honduras.

Entomological Assessment in Blantyre District, Malawi, in Support of an Insecticide-Treated Materials Project, January 18-February 5, 1999. 

Strategy for Behavior Change for Malaria Prevention and Control: Eastern Province (Zambia) Integrated Malaria Initiative.  

Community and Household Assessment of Malaria Prevention in Eastern Province, Zambia: Summary of Findings on Knowledge, Attitudes, Behaviors, and Practices.  

Proceedings Report: International Conference on Bednets and Other Insecticide-Treated Materials for the Prevention of Malaria, October 29-31, 1997, Washington, D.C. 

Chloroquine Efficacy Study in Zambia, 1995-1996.