EHP Library Update - December 8, 2000

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Disease Outbreaks - December

London School of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene - Research Brief: Congenital Anomalies: Health Risks of Landfill Sites, 2000

PAHO/WHO - Assessment of Drinking Water and Sanitation 2000 in the Americas

USAID - Urban Wastewater Reuse for Crop Production in Mexico, 2000

USAID - Reducing Industrial and Urban Pollution in Chile, 2000

WELL - Assessing Demand for Water Supply and Sanitation Projects, 1999

WELL - Sanitation Programmes Revisited, 1999

World Bank - Methodology for Participatory Assessment with Communities, Institutions and Policy Makers, 2000

WHO - PHAST Step by Step Guide: A Participatory Approach for the Control of Diarrheal Diseases, 1998

WHO - Sanitation Promotion: WSSCC Working Group on Promotion of Sanitation, 1998

WHO - Operations and Maintenance for Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Systems: A Training Package, 1998

Dengue/DHF: updates, 6 Dec

Cholera in South Africa

South Africa Says It Needs DDT to Fight Malaria 

Hemorrhagic fever - Rwanda 

Hantavirus infection, - Brazil

West Nile virus surveillance - USA 

PubMed  (click on author's name)

1 - Onwujekwe O, Chima R, Okonkwo P.
Economic burden of malaria illness on households versus that of all other illness episodes: a study in five malaria holo-endemic Nigerian communities.
Health Policy. 2000 Nov 17;54(2):143-159.
2 - Gascon J, Vargas M, Schellenberg D, Urassa H, Casals C, Kahigwa E, Aponte JJ, Mshinda H, Vila J.
Diarrhea in Children under 5 Years of Age from Ifakara, Tanzania: a Case-Control Study.
J Clin Microbiol. 2000 Dec;38(12):4459-4462.

3 - Vaahtera M, Kulmala T, Maleta K, Cullinan T, Salin ML, Ashorn P.

Epidemiology and predictors of infant morbidity in rural Malawi.
Paediatr Perinat Epidemiol. 2000 Oct;14(4):363-71.

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