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Emerging Infectious Diseases - Mar/Apr 2000

Journal of the American Medical Association - Apr 12, 2000

Lancet Eprint Research Archive

Urban Health and Development - Sept 1999

WEDC - 25th Conference, Ethiopia

JAMA April 12, 2000

Hepatitis C Virus in Egypt Rebecca Voelker
Food Safety: A Growing Global Health Problem David Satcher

Emerging Infectious Diseases
Vol. 6, No. 2
March–April 2000

Malaria on the Move: Human Population Movement and Malaria Transmission, P. Martens

Rumors of Disease in the Global Village: Outbreak Verification, T.G.Grein

Role of H. influenzae Type B and S. pneumoniae in Pneumonia in China, O.S. Levine

The Impact of Health Communication and Enhanced Laboratory-Based Surveillance on Detection of Cyclosporiasis Outbreaks in California, J.C. Mohle-Boetani

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Lancet Eprint Research Archive

Effect of fly control on trachoma and diarrhoea - Lancet 1999: 353, 1401-03

Flies and the elimination of blinding trachoma - Lancet 1999: 353, 1376

Cholera in Madagscar - Lancet: 1999: 353, 2068

Urbanisation of yellow fever in Santa Cruz, Bolivia - Lancet 1999: 353, 1558-62

Urban Health and Development Bulletin
Vol 2 No 3 September 1999 

'We are forced to use dirty paraffin': Perceptions of the effects of domestic fuel use in South Africa's low-income households - Mongameli Anthony Mehlwana

The anatomy of a disaster: Case studies of fuels-use problems in the shack areas of Greater Cape Town - Mongameli Anthony Mehlwana

MRC Policy Brief - Environmental lead exposure and child health in South Africa - Angela Mathee and Yasmin von Schirnding

Household Environment and Health in Port Elizabeth, South Africa -SEI 
Part I  Part II

WEDC 25th Conference  Ethiopia

Characterization and management of solid hospital wastes

Designing to meet water demand in South Africa

Health clubs: hygiene education in Blkita IRWSSP

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