EHP Library Bulletin - Aug 2, 2000


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Emerging Infectious Diseases, July/Aug

Environmental Health Perspecives, July

The Lancet, 29 July

Nature Medicine
: Focus on Malaria

WHO Bulletin, July

New Web Sites

PopPlanet PRB & NCSE

Making Cities Work - USAID

Upcoming Conferences

CDC's Listing

Malaria Foundation Conference List

Is Global Warming Harmful to Health, by Paul Epstein in the August 2000 issue of "Scientific American

Prevention of Diarrhoea in a Poor District of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, by JD McLennan in the June 2000 issue of ICCDR,B's new  "Journal of Population, Health and Nutrition.

Draft Recommendations for Decision Making on Municipal Wastewater by UNEP/GPA 2000.

Socioeconomic Determinants of Disease Transmission in Cambodia, by Resources for the Future, July 2000. Study shows that:

Toilets in the home are associated with significantly reduced prevalence of illness, especially among children.

The presence of a doctor is a critical factor in reducing disease transmission in developing countries

Enlisting Mosquitoes to Fight Malaria (HealthSCOUT News) 

Ebola's Deadly Secret Revealed (Reuters)

Protein Key to Deadly Ebola Effects, Study Shows (Reuters)

El Salvador Declares Dengue Epidemic (Reuters)

Fever Kills Four in Bangladesh Capital (Reuters)

Gates Foundation Gives $40 Million to Fight Malaria (Reuters)

Drug May Take Bite Out of West Nile Virus 

UN: Disease Plan Will Cost $25B (Associated Press)

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