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EHP Briefs
Briefs are two-page summaries of EHP activities. Each EHP Brief focuses on an area of particular interest and addresses a general audience.

EHP Brief 1. Case Studies on Decentralization of Water Supply and Sanitation in Latin America (download 293K PDF file).

EHP Brief 2. Linking Health, Population, and the Environment in Madagascar (download 294K PDF file).

EHP Brief 3. Nepal Vector-Borne Disease Program (download 301K PDF file).

EHP Brief 4. Protecting the Health of Hurricane Mitch Victims in Nicaragua: The EHP Rural Water Supply, Sanitation, and Environmental Health Reconstruction Program. (download 700K PDF file).

EHP Brief 5. Programming, Participation, and Partnerships under Duress: The West Bank Village Water and Sanitation Program  (download 531K PDF file).

EHP Brief 6. Improved Hygiene in Kinshasa Markets, Democratic Republic of Congo  (download 716K PDF file).

EHP Brief 7. Improving Small Towns’ Sanitation in Latin America and the Caribbean  (download 745K PDF file).

EHP Brief 8. Malaria Control in Eritrea  (download 648K PDF file).

EHP Brief 9. Integrated Vector Management for Malaria Control in Africa  (download 615K PDF file).

EHP Brief 10. Nepal Vector-Borne Disease Program Update  (download 499K PDF file).

EHP Brief 11. A Framework for Action: Child Diarrhea Prevention (download 599K PDF file).

EHP Brief 12. Local Government to Support Community Management of Environmental Health in Benin (download 564K PDF file).

EHP Brief 13. Best Practices for Dengue Control in the Americas  (download 671K PDF file).

EHP Brief 14. Urban Poor Child Health in Asia and the Near East (download 619K PDF file).

EHP Brief 15. Water for War -torn West Bank: The Emergency Water Operations Center (EWOC)  (download 474K PDF file).

EHP Brief 16. Improving Urban Environmental Health in the Democratic Republic of Congo. (download 590K PDF file).

EHP Brief 17. West Bank Village Water and Sanitation Program: Findings from Environmental Health Assessments (download 747K PDF file).

EHP Brief 18. Participatory Monitoring of Hygiene Behavior Change in Hato Mayor, Dominican Republic (download 712K PDF file).

EHP Brief 19. The Nepal Survey on Malaria, Japanese Encephalitis and Kala-azar (download 507K PDF file).

EHP Brief 20. Community-based Environmental Management for Urban Malaria Control in Uganda—Year 1 (download 530K PDF file).

EHP Brief 21. Cairo Healthy Neighborhood Program (download 734K PDF file).

EHP Brief 22. Public-Private Partnership for Handwashing with Soap Initiative in Nepal (download 804K PDF file).

EHP Brief 23. Monitoring and Evaluation Plan for the West Africa Water Initiative (download 782K PDF file).

EHP Brief 24. Improving Small Town Sanitation in Jamaica- A Success Story (download 800K PDF file). 

EHP Brief 25. Healthy People in a Healthy Environment: Integrating Population, Health and the Environment in Madagascar  (download 873K PDF file). 


EHP is sponsored by the Office of Health, Infectious Diseases and Nutrition,
Bureau for Global Health, of the U.S. Agency for International Development
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Last modified July 29, 2004