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Environment, Health & People

Periodic eight-page updates—each issue contains an article on a particular topic of concern to EHP, plus updates on ongoing activities.


EH&P, No. 1. A More Expansive Concept of Prevention/ Malaria: Serious and Getting Worse/ USAID Marks 40 Years of Malaria-Control Efforts in Nepal/ Current EHP Activities. Summer 1995.

EH&P, No. 2. Risk Assessment Leads to Action in India/ Dengue: The Fastest Spreading Tropical Disease/ Communitiy Assessments: Looking at Risks fromt the Residents' Perspective/ Current EHP Activities. Spring 1996.

EH&P, No. 3. Sanitation Programming: Giving Precedence to Process/ Diarrhea: The Potential of "Software" Improvements/ Chloroquine Sensitivity Test Results Point to Change in Anti-Malarial Drug Policy in Zambia/ Current EHP Activities. Fall 1996.

EH&P, No. 4. WS&S "Software" and "Hardware"--The Cost-Effectiveness Argument/ Pedal Power Achieves Results in Solid Waste Collection/ Mathematics of Prevention/ Current EHP Activities. Spring 1997.

EH&P, No. 5. Targeting High-Risk Behaviors in Diarrheal Disease Prevention/ Opportunities for Further Reductions in Diarrheal Disease Mortality/ Results: Some Sanitation Successes in Jamaica/ Current EHP Activities. Fall 1997.

EH&P, No. 6. GIS in Malaria Surveillance: Great Expectations/ EHP Global Network on the Health Effects of Indoor Air Pollution in Developing Countries/ Community Management of Water Supply in Cité Soleil, Haiti, Meets Cost-Recovery Goals/ Alarming Facts about Sanitation in Developing Countries. Spring 1998.

EH&P, No. 7. A Minimum Package of Environmental Health Behaviors for Maximum Results/ Environmental Control of Mosquito Breeding Highly Successful in Jordan/ DECNET Links Water and Sanitation Experts Seeking Information on Decentralization. Fall 1998.



EHP is sponsored by the Office of Health, Infectious Diseases and Nutrition,
Bureau for Global Health, of the U.S. Agency for International Development
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