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EHP II Activities


Eritrea: Improving Malaria Surveillance Capacity

Technical support activities for strengthening data collection, analysis, mapping, operational research and vector control, provided in collaboration with the World Bank, are contributing to the government's integrated approach to malaria prevention and control.

Malawi: Improving Surveillance of Infectious Diseases

Several activities were carried out to develop data management, analysis, and mapping capabilities in the Community Health Services Unit of the Ministry of Health, which has responsibility for the national malaria control program.

Mozambique: Using Geographic Information Systems to Improve Surveillance of Infectious Diseases

A project aimed at developing capabilities in data management, analysis, and mapping within the Department of Health Services in the Ministry of Health has focused so far on training personnel in basic surveillance techniques, gathering and organizing data, defining data collection protocols and database structures, and investigating patterns of malaria occurrence in the capital city, Maputo; EHP has also prepared a pesticide evaluation report and safe use action plan for Mozambique.

Bolivia: Assessing the Feasibility of Developing a Vector-Borne Disease Center in the Amazon Basin

Specialists in entomology, dengue fever, and institutional development are developing specifications for a vector-borne disease center proposed for Guayaramerin, located in the Bolivian Amazon Basin, where vector-borne diseases are a serious health problem; the specifications include technical requirements for laboratories; plans for surveillance, research, training and human resources management; and a framework for coordinating the contribution of potential partners.

Operations Research in Malaria

With the assistance of a working group of technical experts on malaria, EHP has developed an operations research agenda and proposed indicators of success to examine the potential for community-based malaria vector management for prevention of malaria in developing countries, particularly in urban areas.

Planning, Research, and Outreach for Surveillance Activities

EHP is developing approaches for cross-sectoral surveillance (i.e., the integrated analysis of environmental, epidemiological, demographic, and other data to improve programs for the prevention of malaria and other environmentally related diseases); activities include establishment of a technical working group, preparation of a concept paper, development of partnerships with other organizations, and sharing of lessons learned.

Malaria Vaccine Development Program (MVDP)

EHP provides a technical adviser for USAID's Malaria Vaccine Development Program and ongoing administrative, procurement, and logistical support.


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Last modified October 04, 2001