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Population, Health and Environment (PHE) Documents

Introduction - Below are links, by topic, to selected full-text versions of reports on a range of PHE issues. Additional documents are also on the PHE Toolkit page.  The organizations linked to below are not necessarily affiliated with, or receive support from USAID. 

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-- Integrated PHE Programming

-- Advocacy

-- Field Experiences

-- Gender Issues and PHE

-- Health/HIV Issues

Integrated PHE Programming
  • Path Foundation
  • Population Action International (PAI)
    • Sustainability from the Ground Up – Working on Reproductive Health and the Environment in Communities. 2007. Robert Engelman.
  • Population Reference Bureau
    • Guidelines for Mitigating the Impacts of HIV/AIDS on Coastal Biodiversity and Natural Resource Management. 2007.
    • -Population, Health, and Environment Assessments in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania. 2007.
  • Wilson Center/ECSP
  • Population Action International
    • Forests and Family Planning in Madagascar - An Award winning documentary 
  • Population Reference Bureau
Field Experiences
Gender Issues and PHE
Health - HIV/AIDS
  • HIV/AIDS and Natural Resource Management Linkages - Africa Biodiversity Collaborative Group